Welcome to Elliot Lake Fire Service!

To safely provide prevention and emergency response services for the protection of lives, property and the environment with a helping, customer service philosophy.

This web site has been designed for ease of use by you, our citizens and visitors. An informed public makes our job easier and your life safer.

Fire Protection is a municipally funded and delivered service that is regulated by provincial statute through the Fire Protection and Prevention Act 1997. This Act, subordinate regulations i.e. the Ontario Fire Code, standards, communiqu├ęs, guidelines and code application and interpretations are available through the Office of the Fire Marshal and is linked to our site. You may want to visit the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) site that contains a wealth of useful information about the various fire safety regulations, which are used by code regulators and fire services to reduce the impact of fire on our community.

Our service is also responsible for the City of Elliot Lake's Emergency Preparedness Plan so you may wish to learn more about our civic preparedness or what to do in preparation for major emergencies. You may link to Elliot Lake's Emergency Management page or Emergency Management Ontario under the Ministry of Public Safety and Security to get more helpful tips and learn more about provincial preparedness issues.

We want this site to be an effective tool for you and your family. Please let us know what you think and/or what additional information or linkages we can provide to make access easier and more informative for you. If you wish, a little information about your age group and other demographic indicators would greatly assist our public education programs.

Please enjoy your visit and help us help you be more knowledgeable about our service and achieve our goal of reducing the impact of fire and other emergencies on our community.

Together let's fight fires through education; the life we save could be our own.

Director of Protective Services / Fire Chief John Thomas