Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division provides commercial, industrial, public buildings, and private residential inspection services to establish the enforcement of the Ontario Fire Code and Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997.

Fire prevention reduces loss of life and property by eliminating fire hazards and enforcing the rules and regulations that are necessary for public safety. There are three main areas of Fire Prevention; code enforcement and inspections, public education, and fire investigations. To reach the Fire Prevention Office call 848-3232.

When are fire inspections required/performed?

  • If there are reported complaints of potential hazards.
  • When a lawyer makes an inquiry (usually on transfer of land).
  • Upon Sale of Land
    -  Sale of apartment buildings
    -  Sale of residential building with basement apartments
    -  Sale of a large multi-use buildings
  • If the building/complex is a special use facility.

The following special use facilities require an annual inspection:

  • Vendors carts and mobile units
  • Daycare facilities (including home daycare)

Special use facilities which must perform fire drills twice a year includes:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Special care facilities for the challenged
  • Schools


Did You Know? Fires double in size every 30 seconds .