Fire Permits Required in Elliot Lake and Its Nine Townships

It's getting to be that time of year again where we wish the snow would melt faster so we can get at the yard work and enjoy an evening campfire in our backyard. It is also that time of year where we run the highest risk of starting an accidental brush fire due to the dry conditions in the surrounding bush.  Residents of the City of Elliot Lake and its nine townships are permitted to have campfire in approved backyard fire pits between April 1st and October 31st of each year, provided they meet the following requirements;

  • The cost for a fire permit is $5.00.  At this time we are not set up for debit or credit and only accept cash.
  • First, residents must apply for a fire permit. They are available at the Fire Department, however, must be signed by Fire Department officers to be valid.
  • Permits are issued for urban residences (city proper) and rural residents (cottages in the nine townships.
  • For all permits, burning is restricted to the hours of 6 pm and 10 am, and no burning shall take place if wind speeds are over 16 km/hr.
  • No more than .226 cubic metres being .61x.61x.61 (2'x2'x2') of material can be burned at one time, meaning the campfire will be small and controlled.  If a neighbour complains, the permit holder will be asked to put it out.
  • The fire shall be overseen at all times by an adult person and the permit holder shall maintain at all times during the burning at the site equipment to suppress the fire including but not limited to shovels, water hose, and pumps.
  • Garbage or any materials, which are toxic or hazardous including, but not limited to, painted and pressure treated materials shall not be burned.
  • Campfires shall be at a distance of not less than 3 metres (9.85') from a building, structure, hedge, highway, overhead wire or any other obstruction.

Rural residents are subject to the following additional

  • All land clearing debris shall be in piles separated by at least 4.57 metres (15').

Please remember that it is the permit holder's responsibility to ensure a safe and fun campfire experience. With that in mind, you should ensure total extinguishment of the fire by dousing the area and subsurface with water, prior to leaving the fire unattended. If not, the permit holder may be held accountable for all costs related to extinguishing the fire if the Fire Department is needed...